Policies for Action Announces 20 New Projects Investigating Public Policy Impacts on Racial Equity

In our pursuit of racial equity and racial justice, Policies for Action (P4A) is thrilled to announce 20 new research teams as part of its portfolio of work investigating policies, laws, and other public- and private-sector levers that will promote health equity and ensure all people in America can attain and preserve health and well-being.  

With topics including environmental justice, reparations, incarceration policy, and maternal and child health, these research projects will evaluate key policies and their impacts on communities across the country, with a focus on communities of color. This work is of particular importance given the current public health crisis and the long-standing imperative to understand and address inequities brought on by systems that have historically and disproportionately negatively affected racialized groups in America while benefitting other groups. 

The below projects are now under way: 

The effects of structural racism on people of color are profound and enduring; it affects policies and practices that shape virtually every aspect of life, opportunity, and well-being. The work of these new research teams, and of others, will be critical as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and a reckoning with continued racial violence. We hope this work will be a catalyst for renewed focus from decisionmakers at all levels. 

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