Spring Webinar Series on Work Supports and Health

This spring, P4A’s Research Hub at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) and the University of California, Berkeley hosted a series of three webinars on the impacts of work supports on health.

The series brought together researchers, advocates, and other stakeholders to discuss the evidence that work supports, such as paid family and medical leave, affect family health and well-being.

Work Supports for Reducing Maternal Mortality: The Role of Paid Family and Medical Leave
March 29, 2019
In partnership with the African American Policy Forum as part of their Her Dream Deferred week, this webinar will focus on the importance of supports as a tool for reducing maternal mortality for Black women.

Work Supports for Child Health: The Role of Paid Family and Medical Leave
April 26, 2019
This webinar focused on efforts to improve birth outcomes for newborns and reduce the number of low birthweight babies and the infant mortality rate in the U.S.

Work Supports to Improve Adult Health: The Role of Paid Family and Medical Leave
May 31, 2019

As the U.S. population ages, the number of men and women who are providing care for someone age 65 and older will continue to increase. This webinar explored the impact that paid leave has on improving adult health outcomes.