Funded on June 1, 2023

Incarceration plays a major role in creating and maintaining the racial wealth gap. And, while guaranteed income (GI) programs have been proposed by academics, legislators, and community members across the country as a way to address the racial wealth gap, little research exists on targeted GI initiatives for justice system-impacted people. Equity and Transformation is conducting research around the question: what are the effects of GI on formerly incarcerated people in Illinois?

EAT is currently piloting two rounds of the Chicago Future Fund (CFF) to address the racial wealth gap and correlating concerns by providing direct cash payments of $500 a month to returning residents on Chicago’s West & South Sides. Drawing on this work, this project will provide new evidence on how GI effects post-incarcerated people, specifically those in Illinois.

This research will make significant contributions to legislative initiatives and policy implementation in Illinois. Data gathered will be used to support EAT’s campaign to win comprehensive reparations for the War on Drugs.