The "In Her Hands" initiative is a guaranteed income program aimed at providing financial support to low-income women. This report summarizes the findings from the first year of the initiative, focusing on the impacts of the guaranteed income on the well-being and financial stability of the participants. The research seeks to understand how direct cash payments can alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for women in economically disadvantaged situations.


  • Financial Stability: Participants reported significant improvements in their financial stability, with many able to cover basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare.
  • Mental Health: There was a notable reduction in stress and anxiety levels among participants, attributed to the financial security provided by the guaranteed income.
  • Employment: Some participants were able to seek better employment opportunities or invest in further education and skills training.
  • Community Impact: The initiative had positive ripple effects on the community, with participants contributing to local economies and engaging more in community activities.

Implications for Policy and Practice

The findings from the first year of the "In Her Hands" initiative suggest that guaranteed income programs can significantly improve the financial and mental well-being of low-income women. Policymakers should consider the benefits of such programs in addressing poverty and inequality. Further research and continued monitoring of the program will be essential to understand the long-term impacts and scalability of guaranteed income initiatives.