Carolyn J. Heinrich

Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics
Peabody College at Vanderbilt University

Carolyn J. Heinrich, PhD, is the Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics in the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University.  Heinrich’s research focuses on education, workforce development, social welfare policy, program evaluation, and public management.  She works directly with federal, state and local governments in her research to improve policy design and program effectiveness and also collaborates with nongovernmental organizations to improve the impacts of economic and social protection investments in middle-income and developing countries. She received the David N. Kershaw Award for distinguished contributions to the field of public policy analysis and management in 2004 and was elected to the National Academy of Public Administration in 2011. She has served as the President of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management and the Public Management Research Association.

  • In fall 2018, we launched a new Policies for Action Research Hub at Vanderbilt to examine barriers to the healthy development and success of low-income children in Tennessee. We knew that building a strong, policy-focused research agenda would require open communication and a cooperative spirit among our state agencies and community health and education organizations.

    July 1, 2019


    P4A Spark

  • Leveraging more than a decade’s worth of data, the researchers will examine relationships between at-risk children’s health and education outcomes, as well as access to public services. This is vital information as states across the country, and Tennessee in particular, adopt new laws and resolutions that encompass a wide range of policy actions related to child health and education.

    November 12, 2018