Elizabeth A. Mumford

Principle Research Scientist
Organization: NORC at the University of Chicago

Elizabeth A. Mumford, PhD, social epidemiologist and Principal Research Scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago, studies adverse health outcomes with attention to the social and physical context of behavioral patterns. Dr. Mumford has designed and implemented randomized controlled trials, coordinated research partnerships with community public health departments and school district administrations, and publishes epidemiological and outcomes research for peer review journals. 

Her experience includes longitudinal experimental behavioral interventions, nationally representative longitudinal epidemiological studies, multi-mode data collection, integration of survey data from multiple sources, and saturated sample social network research. Dr. Mumford is committed to the examination of disparities associated with disadvantaged populations in terms of educational attainment, developmental processes, and environmental context. 

  • In response to research on food deserts across the country, scholars and public health practitioners are encouraging limited service food stores, like discount stores, to expand their healthy food selections and accept SNAP and WIC benefits. By becoming WIC-authorized, these stores would be required to carry a certain number of healthy food items, which can improve food access in low-income communities that may lack a full-line grocery store.

    September 27, 2017