Funded on December 1, 2015

While transportation planning has not traditionally been linked to health, it affects health in various ways. This project has three parts: In the first study, the researchers will study how changes in the location of health services are impacted by transportation access, using the NYU Rudin Center data on commuting paired with Medicaid data. By examining hospital closures in NYC and how people in different areas of the city commute, the researchers can more closely link transit modalities patterns and access to care.

The second study will assess the impact of a recent speed limit reduction on health outcomes. The study will link speed limit data to hospitalizations (using the state-wide inpatient database) and to clinic and other visits for Medicaid patients.

Third, the researchers will consider a pilot study to assess the impact on health of bicycle commuting through NYC’s Citibike program. Using the NYU Rudin Center’s research on Citibike, they will link employer household data of residents who have gained most from the Citibike program to health outcomes, and compare that to neighborhoods that did not benefit as much from Citibike.