Peter Jacobson

Professor of Health Management and Policy
Organization: School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Peter Jacobson, JD, MPH is professor of health management and policy in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.  Professor Jacobson is a lawyer whose research focuses on law and public health systems, public health ethics, and health care safety net services. Professor Jacobson is the Director of UM’s Center for Law, Ethics and Health and principal investigator of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Mid-States Region of the Network for Public Health Law. Recent studies of Professor Jacobson have examined public health entrepreneurship, the impact of state and federal law on public health preparedness, and enhancing organizational and operational efficiencies in Michigan's health care safety net providers.  A current project examines adaptive strategies for Michigan local health departments.

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  • Peter Jacobson of the University of Michigan research hub writes on Harvard Law's Bill of Health blog that while legal mandates are not necessary to carrying out HiAP (Health in All Policies) initiatives, political support for them is.

    July 26, 2018
  • The University of Michigan Research Hub conducted 65 semi-structured interviews with state and local officials in five states where "Health in All Policies" initiatives were underway, with a goal of examining whether and how policymakers and advocates use the framework to elevate health equity as a policy concern across sectors and jurisdictions.

    March 5, 2018
  • Financing, Implementation & Policy Models
    Building the Evidence for Health in All Policies
    The “Health in All Policies” (HiAP) strategy works to integrate health and equity considerations into the design and evaluation of policies and services. This project involves a data-driven investigation of local/state HiAP activities. The researchers will design and implement a national HiAP surveillance system and conduct a multiple-site case study of 10 HiAP efforts at different stages.