Funded on December 1, 2015

“Health in All Policies” (HiAP) is a strategy to assist leaders and policymakers in integrating considerations of health, well-being, and equity into the design and evaluation of policies and services across multiple public sectors.

Despite recent growth in the number of HiAP efforts and considerable conceptual attention, currently there is no empirical research of HiAP action and initiatives in the United States. To address this research gap, this project involves a multi-disciplinary, data-driven investigation of all local and state HiAP activities to date.

The first component focuses on the design and implementation of a national HiAP surveillance system of all local/state HiAP efforts. The second component is a multiple-site case study analysis of 10 local/state HiAP efforts at different stages of development.  Documenting and examining HiAP initiatives will elucidate core components, along with the key legal/policy levers that can enhance collaboration and action, which are also a focal point for HiAP impact.

Related Evidence

  • Published March 5, 2018

    The University of Michigan Research Hub conducted 65 semi-structured interviews with state and local officials in five states where "Health in All Policies" initiatives were underway, with a goal of examining whether and how policymakers and advocates use the framework to elevate health equity as a policy concern across sectors and jurisdictions.

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